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Kenn Your Dance X Workout Makes Me Feel Like I'm ready to take over the World
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DanceX - Fun Dance Exercise - Everybody's Workout

Fun Dance Exercise DVD

"if it's a calorie-burning dance routine
you want, that's what you get. According
to our heart-rate monitor, we burned
about as many calories as we burn in a
kickboxing class...."
God Bless You for creating such a great workout

Fat Burning Dance Exercise Videos

"Ohh I love the music, it's a lot of diverse music" - Nisha A.

"I love doing the washing machine and the light bulbs to Laila" - Heather S.

"The music in this Fun Dance Exercise DVD is fantastic, it keeps me going" - Sam Y.

All I can say is WOW! I lurve lurve lurve this workout! lurve the moves that use every muscle of
the body with little floorspace and no equipment and especially lurve the fantastic music that
kept me going even when running out of steam Please please please create more workout
dvds! Thanks for making this birthday gift which I selected for myself so special - Barb S
“Fitness expert Kenn Kihiu knows what it takes for
anyone to increase their energy level, lose stubborn
body fat and get fit! Kenn's DanceX is a fun dance
exercise workout for everyone, even for those who
think they have no rhythm”
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"My favorite...The music is upbeat and
energizing; the dance moves are easy to
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Get the DanceX For kids exercise DVD for the special young ones in your life